Custom MonkeyBlast Web Applications

The best alternative to a customer relationship management software or script.

Need an efficient way to stay more organized? Storing clients in an Excel sheet or worse, in a dusty file cabinet?
With a custom web application, your day to day tracking and organized data can be made simple. MonkeyBlast will analyze your current storage methods and help to create a personalized database web application that helps you work faster and more efficiently.

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  • Client Management Systems
  • Member Restricted Sections
  • Content Database Systems
  • News and Blog Systems
  • Internal Management Tools
  • Meeting/Session Tracking
  • Interactive Online Forms
  • File Upload Management
  • Inventory Tracking Systems

Always have access to your information...
Our web applications are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our Database Hosting. You won't have to worry about licensing fees per user or per computer. Simply visit your designated application web address, login, and you're good to go! Your database is simple, organized, hassle free, and secure!

Social Media

Your social network growth directly affects your potential customer reach. There are over 200 million Facebook users in the US alone. We can manage your social standings so you can focus on your day to day business.
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